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Spas offer many different types of services that cater to health and beauty. Medical spas always have skincare regiments such as facials and cleansing masks that give you an invigorating lift. Take advantage of the available spa treatments and pamper yourself sometimes. Please scroll down to learn more about spas and skincare treatments while getting access to all the related products and services in Waynesboro, VA listed below.

Posh Pups Day Spa Incorporated
(540) 932-2248
25 Tinkling Spring Rd
Fishersville, VA
Health Spa

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Breezey Hill Day Spa
(540) 886-0887
1220 N Augusta St
Staunton, VA
Health Spa

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Body Allure MedSpa
(540) 213-3633
2306 West Beverley Street
Stauntoon, VA
Programs & Services
Day Spa, Beauty Salon, Hair Color, Foil Perm, Skin Care, Nails, Manicures, Pedicures, Massage, Teeth Whitening, Personal Trainers, Hair Removal, Waxing, Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Mon - Thur 8am - 8pm, Fri 8am - 5pm, Sat 9pm - 3pm
All providers are trained, certified and licensed a
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Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy
(540) 810-3936
13643 South Eastside Hwy
Port Republic, VA

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Permanent Cosmetics by Tracey
(540) 255-6953
130 Granary Rd
Verona, VA
Body And Soul Day Spa LLC
(540) 886-7772
112 S New St
Staunton, VA
Health Spa, Massage Practitioner

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Wintergreen Resort
(434) 325-2200
Route 664, PO Box 706
Wintergreen, VA
Programs & Services
Fitness, Mother / Daughter

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Garden of Eve Skin Care
(540) 932-8585
353 Elk Mountain Rd.
Afton, VA

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Essentials Hair Salon
(540) 943-3411
2014 Goose Creek Rd Ste 102
Waynesboro, VA

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Endea Distinctive Hair Design
(540) 885-8507
2 N Central Ave
Staunton, VA

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By Kate Hanley

If you have already cut back on lattes, shopped your closet, and started that home yoga practice, all in an effort to trim your budget, monthly spa treatments will hardly enjoy top billing on your necessary-expenses list. Still, if you can possibly swing it, a well-chosen spa treatment can provide irreplaceable benefits to your body and your mind. “A professional facial, even once a season, makes a huge difference in your skin,” says Pamela Clum, founder of Plum Botanicals and Kisu Skincare. “It helps correct any damage, feeds the skin much-needed nutrients, and provides profound relaxation.”

The rub? An older woman’s requisite microdermabrasion could be a younger woman’s recipe for irritation. So if you’re watching your pennies, you’ll want to make sure you get what your face needs—not your daughter’s or your mother’s. To help you get the most out of your time at the spa, we consulted several holistic beauty professionals to develop a guide to spa treatments by age group—including some you can do at home for a fraction of the cost.

The carefree years: 25 to 35
With a busy work, family, and social schedule, you most likely skimp on your self-care: You pack as much as possible into your day, eat whatever you can get your hands on, and then forget to wash your face before falling into bed. Because so much of your skin’s future vitality depends on how you treat it now, you should focus on establishing a skincare regimen that emphasizes daily sun protection and regular spa treatments that favor deep cleaning.

At the spa: Deep-cleaning facial treatments can make up for any lapses in your home skincare routine—and keep your skin vibrant—by using mild enzyme peels made of acids from berries, pumpkin, and papaya. “The enzymes break down the outermost layer of dead skin so that it sloughs off, unclogging pores and revealing the new skin beneath,” Clum explains. If you have very sensitive skin, she says, skip the peel in favor of soothing masks of chamomile, rose, and aloe vera that calm the skin.
Try this at home: A combination of Dead Sea salts (to slough off dry skin and stimulate circulation) and organic chamomile (to soothe your nervous system) makes The Body Deli’s Island Ginger Body Scrub ($28, 16 oz; ) a particularly delicious whole-body exfoliator. If you are prone to redness or have sensitive skin, Julie Gabriel, author of The Green Beauty Guide (HCI, 2008), suggests making a gentler, all-over body scrub out of quick-cook oats, warm filtered water, and a dollop of honey to exfoliate and moisturize. “You can use this scrub on your face as well, including around the eye area,” she says.

The emotional roller coaster years: 35 to 45
The hormonal changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy, and birth control can trigger breakouts; previous sun damage can manifest as spots of hyperpigmentation; and the stress of working, raising kids, or both can aggravate inflammatory skin conditions such...

Author: Kate Hanley

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