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When the British author Anthony Burgess wrote, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone,” he struck a sympathetic chord with fellow snorers. But sawing logs is more than just a social faux pas if you’re one of the 12 million Americans with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Dominic Joseph Roca, MD
(203) 348-2437
22 Heritage Hill Rd
Norwalk, CT
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, Sleep Medicine
Medical School: Suny-Hlth Sci Ctr At Brooklyn, Coll Of Med, Brooklyn Ny 11203
Graduation Year: 1991
Hospital: Stamford Hosp, Stamford, Ct
Group Practice: Pulmonary Assoc Of Stamford Pc

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Putnam Hospital Sleep Center
(845) 279-5711 x3923
660 Stoneleigh Avenue
Carmel, NY
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The Griffin Hospital Sleep Wellness Center
(203) 732-7571
130 Division Street
Derby, CT
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16years and up
Insurance: All
Medicare: Yes
Medicaid: Yes

Louis Theodos
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Louis V. Theodos ,DMD
Dentistry & Orthodontics
Insurance Plans Accepted: Aetna, US Health Care, Cigna PPO, ACS/HEALTHNETPPO., Met Life, Anthem BC/BS, Benesight, BTA Welfare Fund, Care Mark, Delta Dental, Prudential, Pfizer, Conncticut Carpenters Union, Connecticut Pipe Traders Fund, Unicare, Great-West, Guardian, TR Paul
Medicare Accepted: Yes
Workmens Comp Accepted: Yes
Accepts Uninsured Patients: Yes
Emergency Care: Yes

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Primary Hospital: Danbury Hospital
Residency Training: Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York,NY.
Medical School: Tufts University, 1987
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Member Organizations: American Dental Association, Americal Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Connecticut Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ,American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,American Den
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Lawrence C Schweitzer, MD
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Ct Family Orthopedics

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Danbury Hospital Sleep Disorders Center
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24 Hospital Avenue
Danbury, CT
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> 1 Year
Insurance: All major insurances accepted
Medicare: Yes
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Gaylord Sleep Medicine Trumbull Gaylord Hospital
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The Center for Sleep Medicine at Bridgeport Hospital
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267 Grant Street
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Insurance: All insurance
Medicare: Yes
Medicaid: Yes

John Kimball Ludlow
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73 Sand Pit Rd
Danbury, CT
Medicare Accepted: No
Workmens Comp Accepted: No
Accepts Uninsured Patients: No
Emergency Care: No

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Connecticut Family Chrprctc
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132 Federal Rd
Danbury, CT

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Sleep Apnea

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By Leslie Petrovski

When the British author Anthony Burgess wrote, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone,” he struck a sympathetic chord with fellow snorers. But sawing logs is more than just a social faux pas if you’re one of the 12 million Americans with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
If you suffer from OSA, you may not even be consciously aware of your many—up to 300 per night—“apnea” episodes. During those episodes, OSA sufferers actually stop breathing for a minute or more. Apnea occurs when the soft tissues in the rear of the throat relax and cut off airflow. OSA is linked to heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure, but given the number of effective therapies, the condition is nothing to lose sleep over. Conventional treatment usually begins with the continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP), a device that blows air into the nose through a face mask. When used correctly, the CPAP typically reduces apnea episodes, but not everyone can tolerate the noise and the discomfort of sleeping with the machine.

John Dye, ND, chairman of the Department of Mind-Body Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, looks at the problem differently. “We treat the whole person to reduce the symptoms,” Dye explains. Dye looks for root causes, focusing on such areas as diet, inflammation, possible allergies, and cardiovascular profile.

To take a holistic approach to the problem, start by taking a hard look at your lifestyle choices: Stop smoking, limit alcohol consumption, and lose weight if you’re carrying a few too many pounds. And don’t sleep on your back. All of these factors can worsen OSA.
Still not sleeping soundly? Try Dye’s regimen:

• Improve your diet by adding more fiber, eating colorful and nutrient-dense foods, and cutting back on red meat and sugar.

• Take 2 to 3 grams per day of krill oil capsules, a possible cholesterol fighter derived from tiny Antarctic crustaceans.

• Add anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric (Curcuma longa) and ginger (Zingiber officinale)—1,500 to 2,000 mg of each daily.

• Try 400 mg of vitamin E once or twice a day, plus 500 mg vitamin C two to three times a day.

• Practice playing the didgeridoo. In a study in the British Medical Journal, researchers discovered that daily practice on this indigenous Australian wind instrument reduces apnea, daytime sleepiness, and sleep disturbance for bed partners.

Author: Leslie Petrovski

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