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Feeling is believing: If a treatment sounds intriguing, get a referral and take a chance by booking a session. If the cost seems prohibitive, you can check out bodywork and massage schools in your area. They often have students who charge a reduced rate.

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How Do You Spell Release?

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By Charmian Christie

Ever wonder what your body would feel like without tightness, pain, or stiffness? Or how it might be to sail—rather than stoop—your way through the day? Bodywork might hold the key to regaining your body’s natural elasticity, bringing you back into balance—and grace—in ways you never believed possible, at least not since you kissed your 30s good-bye. A number of studies suggest that bodywork, which includes a plethora of treatments ranging from acupressure to zero balancing not only offers drug-free pain management, but also lowers stress, increases circulation, and even stimulates the healing of delicate connective tissue.

While the nature of your complaints will determine what types of bodywork are appropriate, you still have a lot of options to accommodate personal preferences and needs. Some people respond well to bodywork that’s emphatically physical, such as Rolfing, while others surrender more readily to less intrusive techniques that offer a more nuanced energetic shift, such as craniosacral therapy. Whether you suffer from migraines or muscle aches, perimenopausal woes or Parkinson’s, there’s a bodywork practice designed to suit your ailments.

Not sure where to begin? Feeling is believing: If a treatment sounds intriguing, get a referral and take a chance by booking a session. If the cost seems prohibitive, you can check out bodywork and massage schools in your area. They often have students who charge a reduced rate. Still hesitant? Reading up on the following bodywork treatments might be a good place to start.

This Japanese technique literally translates as “finger pressure,” but depending on the style of shiatsu, a practitioner does much more—relying on her thumbs, elbows, knees, and even her feet—to open blockages in the meridians (or energy pathways) within the body. Yolanda Asher, a nationally certified shiatsu therapist from Stone Mountain, Georgia, says that the principles of shiatsu, derived from Chinese medicine, are based on the premise that “pain is due to lack of free flow and lack of free flow causes pain.” The treatment encourages relaxation while stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Best for: Shiatsu addresses a wide range of issues, including allergies, asthma, headaches, and menstrual and perimenopausal symptoms. Unlike most bodywork techniques, shiatsu is safe for cancer patients and pregnant women. Asher says shiatsu can help counteract the side effects of cancer treatment and aid laboring women during childbirth. Asher warns, however, that only therapists fully trained in these specific areas should treat these special cases.

In a Watsu session (also called water shiatsu), clients float in a pool of body-temperature water while the therapist performs shiatsu.

Author: Charmian Christie

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