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Oils with omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids work on dogs just like they do on us—by keeping hair healthy and less likely to fall out. The makers of Shed-Stop, an EFA-enriched oil blend, claim their product won’t help seasonal shedding but can reduce light, year-round shedding by 70 percent.

Pawsitively Treasured Pet Spa
(402) 515-0549
14616 Echo Hills Drive
Omaha, NE
We are a pet spa that offers a clean, safe, and personal one on one spa session for your little treasure. We do not use kennels or kennel dryers, only fluff dryers. Each spa session averages about one and one half hours. In my experience one on one spa sessions help to alleviate unnecessary stress often brought on by a long day of being at the groomers.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Sitting Services, Retail Pet Products Available, Vet Referred, Show Grooming Services

Pretty Puppy Salon and Day Spa
(402) 932-5660
13924 X Circle
Omaha, NE
Pretty Puppy Salon & Day Spa strives to give your pet the relaxing experience that you yourself expect. Grooming can be a frightening experience for some dogs, so the less going on around them, the better. Your pet will be hand bathed and fluff dried for a soothing and massaging experience. No cage dryers used. Patience, understanding and care go into each grooming your dog receives.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Pet Sitting Services, Pet Daycare Services

K9 Kutz
(308) 946-2356
North Hwy 14
Central City, NE
Serving rural Nebraska pets and their owners! Special introductory services for the puppies' first visit. Judy will take care of your pet like they were her own. Open Monday thru Friday. Clipped, bathed, scissored and hugged, your pet is sure to appreciate our kind attention to detail. Pickup and Delivery services available.

Bark Bath and Beyond
(402) 721-9085
2225 N Clarkson Street
Fremont, NE
Bark Bath and Beyond offers full-service grooming, self-service dog wash, and a doggie bakery. Bark Bath and Beyond is proud to provide a clean, safe environment and humane, gentle care for your pet. Bark Bath and Beyond is open 7 days a week including some evenings to meet your grooming needs.

The Dapper Dog
(308) 872-2132
224 South 7th Ave.
Broken Bow, NE
Your pet's comfort is top priority at our professional grooming and boarding facility. Loving care and attention to detail are given at every step of the grooming process, from the initial bath to the final trim. Appointments available Monday through Friday.

Cottonwood Pet Resort
(402) 359-4982
26910 W. Center Rd
Waterloo, NE
This kennel offers only kennel baths.

Bark Avenue Pet Grooming, Inc.
(402) 496-4005
3731 NO 153 Street
Omaha, NE
Suzanne Wilke, owner, has been a certified groomer for 35 years. She is dedicated to provide caring, professional attention to all pets, and quality grooming. Our staff is very experienced with several 20+ yr.certified groomers. We have a 3,500 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility. Daycare offers indoor and outdoor facilities.Open M-F 6:30A.M.-6:30 P.M. . We also have a pet boutique attached.

SFI Marketing
5945 Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE
Ensure your loyal companion has the robust health and vitality he deserves. Megavites chewables have been specifically formulated to make sure your pet is getting all the nutrition necessary for continued good health.

Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon
(308) 675-0439
614 N Eddy St
Grand Island, NE
Pupsi Daisy has very skilled professional groomers who focus on quality grooming, outstanding customer service, and enjoy helping educate pet parents.

Pawtastic Grooming
(402) 325-8657
5800 Cornhusker Hwy. Suite 2
Lincoln, NE
All dog breed grooming shop. Stress free. We like to make it fun for your pet. Shedless program. Teeth cleaning, medicated baths, spa treatment and hair coloring.

Health Matters—Brush Up on Shedding Solutions

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By Vicky Uhland

You don’t need a calendar to know it’s May: irises are blooming, schoolchildren are frolicking, and your furniture and clothes are covered in dog hair. Spring and fall are the two biggest shedding seasons for dogs. The changing temperatures signal that your furry pal needs to shed his coat so he can grow a new one more appropriate for the season. Dogs with undercoats, like retrievers, German shepherds, huskies and other northern breeds, are the biggest shedders, but every breed loses some hair. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to balls of fur all over your house. Here are some tips on how to reduce shedding.

• Brush. A daily, five-minute grooming can remove the excess hair Fido would otherwise deposit all over your new black pants. If you don’t have the time or patience to brush your dog every day, at least try to do it weekly with one of the new shedding rakes that reach all the way to your dog’s undercoat. CJ Puotinen, author of Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats (Gramercy, 2003), recommends Shed Ender and Furminator grooming tools.

• Bathe. A warm bath can loosen hair, which can then be brushed away.

• Vacuum. It sounds strange, but Puotinen says vacuuming her black Labrador, Chloe, with the soft brush attachment really helps remove excess hair.

• Supplement. Oils with omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids work on dogs just like they do on us—by keeping hair healthy and less likely to fall out. The makers of Shed-Stop, an EFA-enriched oil blend, claim their product won’t help seasonal shedding but can reduce light, year-round shedding by 70 percent. You can also try dumping a teaspoon of vegetable or fish oil on your dog’s food, but beware: It could cause loose stools. Or try giving your dog canned salmon. Be patient though—according to pet products manufacturer Doctors Foster and Smith, it will take at least two weeks and maybe as long as 12 weeks before you see results.

If your dog sheds a lot, all the time, or has bald spots, it may suffer from a more serious problem. Buddy could have a skin infection, ringworm, mange, hyperthyroidism, or Cushing’s disease. Consult your vet if you think your dog is losing too much hair.

Author: Vicky Uhland

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