Bodywork for Pets Hastings NE

Whether it's massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, or craniosacral, bodywork helps pets heal—with impressive results. Read on to learn about some of the more tried-and'true modalities, as well as a few new ones on the horizon.

K-9 Korner
(402) 463-8855
1415 N Colorado Ave
Hastings, NE

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Bark Bath and Beyond
(402) 721-9085
2225 N Clarkson Street
Fremont, NE
Bark Bath and Beyond offers full-service grooming, self-service dog wash, and a doggie bakery. Bark Bath and Beyond is proud to provide a clean, safe environment and humane, gentle care for your pet. Bark Bath and Beyond is open 7 days a week including some evenings to meet your grooming needs.

SFI Marketing
5945 Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE
Ensure your loyal companion has the robust health and vitality he deserves. Megavites chewables have been specifically formulated to make sure your pet is getting all the nutrition necessary for continued good health.

K9 Kutz
(308) 946-2356
North Hwy 14
Central City, NE
Serving rural Nebraska pets and their owners! Special introductory services for the puppies' first visit. Judy will take care of your pet like they were her own. Open Monday thru Friday. Clipped, bathed, scissored and hugged, your pet is sure to appreciate our kind attention to detail. Pickup and Delivery services available.

PawPrince & Princess Small Dog Grooming Salon
(402) 680-1829
3810 S.192nd Ave.
Omaha, NE
The highest quality of care while grooming your sweet little pup! Specialty pampering for ALL mixed, mini, toy, and designer dogs under 30 lbs. Enjoy $5.00 off your first visit!
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Vet Referred

The Dapper Dog
(308) 872-2132
224 South 7th Ave.
Broken Bow, NE
Your pet's comfort is top priority at our professional grooming and boarding facility. Loving care and attention to detail are given at every step of the grooming process, from the initial bath to the final trim. Appointments available Monday through Friday.

Pawsitively Treasured Pet Spa
(402) 515-0549
14616 Echo Hills Drive
Omaha, NE
We are a pet spa that offers a clean, safe, and personal one on one spa session for your little treasure. We do not use kennels or kennel dryers, only fluff dryers. Each spa session averages about one and one half hours. In my experience one on one spa sessions help to alleviate unnecessary stress often brought on by a long day of being at the groomers.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Sitting Services, Retail Pet Products Available, Vet Referred, Show Grooming Services

Bark Avenue Pet Grooming, Inc.
(402) 496-4005
3731 NO 153 Street
Omaha, NE
Suzanne Wilke, owner, has been a certified groomer for 35 years. She is dedicated to provide caring, professional attention to all pets, and quality grooming. Our staff is very experienced with several 20+ yr.certified groomers. We have a 3,500 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility. Daycare offers indoor and outdoor facilities.Open M-F 6:30A.M.-6:30 P.M. . We also have a pet boutique attached.

Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon
(308) 675-0439
614 N Eddy St
Grand Island, NE
Pupsi Daisy has very skilled professional groomers who focus on quality grooming, outstanding customer service, and enjoy helping educate pet parents.

Pretty Puppy Salon and Day Spa
(402) 932-5660
13924 X Circle
Omaha, NE
Pretty Puppy Salon & Day Spa strives to give your pet the relaxing experience that you yourself expect. Grooming can be a frightening experience for some dogs, so the less going on around them, the better. Your pet will be hand bathed and fluff dried for a soothing and massaging experience. No cage dryers used. Patience, understanding and care go into each grooming your dog receives.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Pet Sitting Services, Pet Daycare Services

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Creature Comforts—Bodywork for Pets

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Animals respond remarkably well to techniques developed for their caregivers.

Once upon a time the word bodywork referred only to something that happened inside an auto repair shop. But as interest in alternative therapies grew, health-minded people everywhere came to realize their bodies could use an occasional tune-up, too. These days, just about everyone has reaped the benefits of a massage therapist’s skillful touch, a chiropractor’s precise adjustments, or an acupuncturist’s qi-freeing needles. But humans and Volkswagens aren’t the only ones to experience the healing potential of bodywork—pets are getting in on the game, too.

Whether it’s massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, or craniosacral, bodywork helps pets heal—with impressive results. Read on to learn about some of the more tried-and-true modalities, as well as a few new ones on the horizon.

Chiropractors realign musculoskeletal problems that can cause joint and nerve dysfunction. They examine the body—from toe to jaw—looking for inflammation, spasm, muscle loss, or neurological problems that result from a skewed musculoskeletal system. Sometimes the signs don’t appear to relate directly to structure. For example, rough coats and hair loss may signal compressed nerves. When chiropractors find abnormalities, they use low-force adjustments like stretching, gentle pulling, and guiding limbs to restore normal range of motion.

The therapist should tread gently with pets because of their delicate disk material, says certified animal chiropractor Julie Kaufman, DC, owner of The Animal Holistic Care Specialists in Marshall, Wisconsin, and author of Joint Yoga for Animals (Xenophon, 2006).

Patricia McConnell, PhD, author of For the Love of Dogs (Ballantine, 2006), has taken all five of her dogs to Kaufman, from 4-month-old Will to 15-year-old Pip. Will favored his right shoulder, leaning over to one side—sometimes called a lazy sit—and McConnell wanted to address any problem before it became chronic. After minor adjustments to his neck, right shoulder, and hip, Will was sitting straight, says McConnell. And although she has seen results firsthand, McConnell admits that the movements are so gentle she sometimes wonders if anything is happening.

Some pets look startled after adjustment, yawn (which can indicate they’re feeling stressed), and stretch. “Pathology of disease is due to conflict within the nervous system,” explains Betsy King, DVM, CVA, of Mesa, Arizona. “Realignments reset the nervous system, thereby enhancing the flow of qi.”

Craniosacral therapy
Craniosacral therapy (CST) aims to bring balance to the membranes and fluid around the brain and spinal cord, collectively called the craniosacral region. A subtle rhythm or pulse moves through those fluids and tissues, and a disruption—or strain—in this rhythm produces a ripple effect throughout the body. This can cause balance problems and neurological disorders, says Narda Robinson, DO, DVM, who teaches compl...

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