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The notion that laughter is good medicine is older than Henny Youngman. But study results measuring laughter's effect on health have been mixed.

Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre
8246 E 49th Ave. STE 1400
Denver, CO
Dazzle Supper Club
(303) 839-5100
930 Lincoln St
Denver, CO
Voodoo Comedy Playhouse
(303) 578-0079
1260 22nd Street
Denver, CO
Impulse Theater
(303) 297-2111
1634 18th St
Denver, CO
Blue Bird Theatre
(303) 377-1666
3317 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO
Improv Comedy Club And Dinner Theater
(303) 307-1777
8246 Northfield Blvd
Denver, CO
Bovine Metropolis Theatre
(303) 758-4722
1527 Champa St
Denver, CO
Comedy Works
(303) 595-3637
1226 15th St
Denver, CO
New Dance Theatre Inc
(303) 295-1759
119 Park Ave W
Denver, CO
Bug Performance & Media Art Center
(303) 477-5977
3654 Navajo St
Denver, CO

Beneficial Belly Laughs

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A recent study suggests the venerable comedian’s ability to make you laugh hard just may strengthen your immune system. Well, not just Cosby—theoretically, anything that gives you a good hearty guffaw will do.The notion that laughter is good medicine is older than Henny Youngman. But study results measuring laughter’s effect on health have been mixed.

To find out just how funny something has to be to trigger beneficial physiological changes, researchers at Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, pulled together a group of 33 healthy women and asked some of them to watch a video of Bill Cosby performing, while the rest sat dutifully in front of a travel video.

Mirth levels were gauged using a tool developed by lead researcher Mary Bennett, a professor of nursing and associate dean at ISU. Using her Humor Response Scale, an observer rated each woman’s reaction along a continuum from “no humor response” to “nearly continuous laughter, plus belly laughter or other spontaneous body movements.” Researchers also used blood tests to measure participants’ levels of natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells destroy virus and tumor cells and are considered an important measure of activity in the immune system. For the nine Cosby-watching women who demonstrated serious hilarity, NK cells were found to be significantly more active. But those who watched the video without cracking up actually showed decreased NK activity. Apparently, say the researchers, just seeing the man slip on the banana peel isn’t enough. You’ve got to think it’s really funny.

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